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Message from the Director

ICREA has been promoting basic research as well as overseas field survey, which are directly geared towards the solution of existing problems. Recently, as the food demands are rapidly diversifying mainly in developing countries, the roles of field science have become very important in such a way that the accomplishment of basic research that have been accumulated in developed countries will be utilized to develop technology to be applied in actual community as an approach to sustainable production that is based on food security, nutrient improvement and environmental conservation.

In this aspect, this center has been reorganized in April, 2018 from International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education to International Center for Research and Education in Agriculture with the change in its mission since the foundation, and made a new start to progress international research collaboration in agricultural development, to strengthen the function of international agricultural education based on such research, and to contribute more to global agricultural sciences.

The fields of agriculture and forestry in the world are rich in research seeds for global problems and new academic findings, and thus are quite important as the fields in which the achievements of basic research can be applied and the new approach can be developed and implemented by integrating various disciplines of agricultural sciences as well as for the human resources in such purposes. We will put importance on those fields and are determined to produce, accumulate and exchange such knowledge and experiences and contribute to the creation of new agricultural science that is inherently integrated filed of study.

We would therefore appreciate very much your heartfelt supports and participation in our activities.

  • Director of International Center for Research and Education in Agriculture

    Dr. Hiroshi Ehara

    Background Tropical plant science, economic botany and agroecology
    Current interests
    • Ecological and physiological characteristics of sago palm (Metroxylon sagu) and related species
    • Improvement of cultivation techniques to enhance adaptability against environmental stress in rice
    • Growth and physiological response of Vigna plants against salt stress or acid stress
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