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Master's Course

Tropical Bioresources

  • D3 Kong Kea

    Research Topic Agro-economic evaluation on fertilizer management for rice cultivation in Cambodia
  • D3 Aidil Azhar

    Research Topic Physiological and growth response of sago palm to difference soil water conditions
  • D1 Shuto Yamada

    Research Topic Effect of heat stress on grain quality of rice varieties in Southeast Asia
  • D1 Khema Srun

    Research Topic Comparison of grain quality of Cambodian rice varieties grown under different fertilizer management
  • M2 Koki Asano

    Research Topic
  • M2 Mai Takagi

    Research Topic
  • M2 Saeka Unoki

    Research Topic
  • M1 Fitri Audia

    Research Topic Study on minor element deficiency in sago palm
  • international student(undergraduate) Maria Corazon J. Cabral

    Research Topic 1. Developmental and physiological responses of roots to various abiotic stresses;
    2. QTL analysis of useful traits under various abiotic stres

Genetic Information for Bioresources

  • D3 Lucob Nonawin Borreta (Agustin)

    Research Topic Molecular mechanism of phenotypic plasticity in lateral root development in rice
  • D3 Ayumi Agata

    Research Topic Genetic analysis for yield traits and environmental response in rice
  • D2 Tsubasa Kawai

    Research Topic Genetic and functional analysis of compensatory growth of lateral roots in crop plants
  • D2 Tomomi Hasegawa

    Research Topic Interaction analyses of rice mutant materials with water environment and their application to rice breeding
  • M1 Kyosuke Jinno

    Research Topic Genetic analysis of root system formation using RILs and CSSLs in rice

Practical Studies in Africa

  • M2 Rena Tomita

    Research Topic

Practical Studies in Asia

  • M2 Yusuke Kuneta

    Research Topic

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