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Graduate Education

ICREA provides the graduate education in the Department of Plant Production Science of the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University. Four faculties having lots of experiences abroad carry out researches standing on international viewpoints and make the best efforts for capacity development of graduate students seeking for various carrier path or track. Graduate students of ICREA can also study at the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS).


Research and Application Division

Tropical Bioresources Lab.    Prof. Hiroshi Ehara

Screening of tropical plant resources and their utilization for environmentally friendly agriculture responding to diversification of food demand and climate change.

Genetic Information for Bioresoureces Lab.    Assoc. Prof. Yoshiaki Inukai

Studies on genetic information for useful traits of bioresoureces to aim utilization and application of regional resources and sustainable development through environmental conservation.

Rural Development Division

Practical Studies in Africa Lab.    Assoc. Prof. Daigo Makihara

Development of sustainable and appropriate technology for agricultural and forestry production, acclimation and dissemination of new resources and technologies, and social implementation based on research results in Africa.

Practical Studies in Asia Lab.    Assoc. Prof. Kasumi Ito

Studies on agriculture and rural developmet including natural resources management in Asia for better livelihoods, poverty reduction and food security.

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