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Faculty Members

Faculty Members


  • Professor, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University

    Dr. Akira Yamauchi

Research and Application Division

  • Professor, Tropical Bioresources

    Dr. Hiroshi Ehara

    Background Tropical plant science, economic botany and agroecology
    Current interests
    • Ecological and physiological characteristics of sago palm (Metroxylon sagu) and related species
    • Improvement of cultivation techniques to enhance adaptability against environmental stress in rice
    • Growth and physiological response of Vigna plants against salt stress or acid stress
  • Professor, Genetic Information for Bioresources

    Dr. Yoshiaki Inukai

    Background Plant Genetics and Breeding
    Current interests
    • Molecular mechanism of root system formation and their application to breeding for stress avoidance such as shortages in water and nutrients in rice

Rural Development Division

  • Associate Professor, Practical Studies in Africa

    Dr. Daigo Makihara

    Background Crop science, agricultural and rural development
    Current interests
    • Limiting factors for the rice cultivation in East Africa
    • Conservation agriculture for the prevention of soil erosion using local resources
    • Socio-economic aspects of sustainable management and use of crop genetic resources
  • Associate Professor, Practical Studies in Asia

    Dr. Kasumi Ito

    Background Forest economics, forest management, agricultural and rural development,regional resources management
    Current interests
    • Promotion of processed agricultural products for rural development
    • Influence of household size biogas plant for forest resources utilization
    • Capacity building of researchers for rural development in developing countries

Research Fellow

Research Fellow Dr. Marlisa Ayu Trisia
Research Fellow Dr. Jagath Siri Kularatne
Research Fellow Dr. Yuko Yamane
Research Fellow Ms. Yoshiko Watanabe

Support Staff

Administrative Staff Ms. Eri Hattori
Technical Assistant
(Research Support Facilitator)
Ms. Yoshiko Komoto
Administrative Assistant Ms. Michiyo Nakatsuka
Technical Staff Ms. Masue Hattori
Technical Staff Ms. Kimiyo Inukai
Technical Staff Ms. Eiko Murakami
Technical Assistant Ms. Saki Masui

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