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1st Open Seminar in AY 2017
"Stabilizing Rice Production in Indonesia:
 Efforts against Global Climate Change"

Uploaded Date: 2018-03-30


Date 31 August, 2017 (THU) 15:30 - 17:00
Venue Lecture Room No.7, School of Agricultural Sciences, Nagoya University
Speaker Dr. Ahmad Junaedi
Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Agriculture
Secretary, Biodiversity and Biotechnology Research Center
Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Language English

Rice demand as staple food in Indonesia is on the increase greater than the word demand, however to increase domestic rice production is facing much challenges. Land availability plays as major limitation, since fertile land conversion for non-agriculture usage is unavoidable and an option for utilizing marginal land will imply to have more inputs, more cost and less productivity. As the geographical position of Indonesia is in tropical region, rice is possible to be grown intensively throughout the year; however this must deal with some wise management and cultivation as appropriate and sustainable manner. On the other hand, global climate change affects ecosystems that may negatively imply to growth and productivity of crops, including rice. Indonesia is vulnerable to have impact of drought, flood, as well as increase of temperature. This presentation talks what are the rice production challenges in Indonesia, and addresses much more attention on global climate change effect to rice field environment such as drought, flood, and high temperature. Some efforts that intended to achieve high and stabilize rice production including crops improvement and intensifying rice cultivation will be discussed. Research progress on the aspects of drought, water consumption of rice, submergence, and high temperature will be presented. New perspective of jointly research and action between Indonesia and Japan that may positively contribute to solve the addressed challenges are very pleased to be discussed and implemented.


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